Vascular Occluders Overview

Inflatable Silicone cuffs for constriction and occlusion of blood vessels


  • Fast, dependable zero-flow baseline determination in blood flow studies
  • From partial to full occlusion of vessels for circulation research studies.
  • An excellent choice for the constriction of soft organs in acute or chronic applications.

For animal research only

Explore the benefits of DocXS Vascular occluders compared to similar devices

  • Occlusion is accomplished without traction on vessels or surrounding tissues
  • The actuating tube may be exteriorized from the occlusion site for remote actuation
  • Performance during implantations is reliable and consistent
  • Autoclavable, Cold Sterilizable, and easily maintained
  • Made from soft, flexible 100% Silicone rubber
  • Fully operational with instant response using air, liquids, or inert gasses
  • Proven reliability and performance in the medical research field
  • A broad range of sizes are in stock now with custom work readily available upon request
  • Very competitive prices and fast, reliable service